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About Us

Houser Rentals is a property management firm that specializes in connecting tenants with available rental properties in Minnehaha, Lincoln, Union and Clay Counties. We are a team of real estate experts that truly understands the local market, and we appreciate the needs of our tenants.

We work with prospective tenants in order to identify an apartment complex or single family house that is right for them. We understand that finding rental housing in the right community is essential, and we recognize that each tenant has a budget that they must adhere to. Whether tenants are searching for studio apartments in Sioux Falls, an upscale condo near Harrisburg, student housing in Vermillion or three-bedroom house in Beresford, we can connect them with the unit that will meet all of their needs.

For more information on our available units and our lease agreements, contact us at Houser Rentals today.